KAKURI Japanese Sickle Garden Tool 6.7″ [Serrated Edge] Made in Japan, Garden Sickle for Harvesting and Weeding, Razor Sharp


[Japanese Serrated Blade Sickle] The saw tooth blade easily cut through even the hard plants. Ideal for rice harvesting, mowing, weeding, and vegetable harvesting. [Razor-Sharp Japanese Stainless Steel Blade] Made of Japanese high-carbon stainless steel (VG-2 Steel). In addition to sharpness, it has excellent rust-proof, chip-proof, and long-lasting edge. [Authentic Japanese Quality Tool] Each piece…


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Product Description

A Master Touch in Every Tool

KAKURI Japanese woodworking tools made in japan

KAKURI Corporation was founded in 1946 in Sanjo, the leading production area of cutlery in Japan.

From a professional standpoint, we have designed and made high-quality Japanese products for over 70 years.

Please feel and enjoy authentic Japanese craftsmanship products.

Product Features

Japanese sickle garden tool made in japan

Japanese High-Quality Stainless Steel Blade

The blade edge is made of Japanese high-carbon molybdenum stainless steel (VG2 Steel) and sharpened by Japanese craftsmen. It cuts grass and holds the edge well. The rust resistance makes it suitable for outdoor work.

Japanese sickle garden tool made in japan

Razor-Sharp Serrated Teeth

The stainless serrated blade edge can cut even hard grass.

The ideal hand tool for weeding hard grass and harvesting,

Japanese sickle garden tool made in japan

Light Wood Handle

The wood handle is lightweight and easy to use, even for women and elderly.

Japanese sickle garden tool made in japan

Made in JAPAN, Japanese Craftsmanship

Each sickle is made, tuned, and finished by skilled Japanese craftsmen. Enjoy authentic Japanese garden tools.

KAKURI Garden Sickle Blade Edge Types (Visit KAKURI Amazon Store for More)

Japanese Sickle


Japanese Sickle

Special Triple Edged

Japanese Sickle



Even for hard grass and crops


Better sharpness and long-lasting


Versatile, easy to sharpen


Made in JAPAN


Made in JAPAN


Made in JAPAN

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Weight 3.52 kg
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13.1 x 5.1 x 0.9 inches

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3.52 ounces



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