PUELDU Grafting Tool, Pruner Kit, Including Replacement Blades,Grafting Knife,Grafting Tapes,Plant Labels&Garden Clips,Perfect

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Brand PUELDU Color Black, Orange Style Modern Product Dimensions 8.5″L x 4″W Blade Material Stainless,High Carbon Steel,Steel 【2 IN 1 GRAFTING PRUNING PLIERS】Made of JANPANESE SK5 high carbon steel double-edged shear blade and high-strength ABS plastic handle. 【PROFESSIONAL GRAFTING TOOL SET】Suitable for cutting fruit branches with a diameter of 1/6 inch-1/2 inch, and is ideal…



Product Description

PUELDU Grafting Tool Set

Grafting Tool Kit

Package Includes:

  • Grafting Pruner x 1
  • V-shape Replaceable Blade x 1 Ω-shape Replaceable Blade x 1 U-shape Replaceable Blade x 1
  • Wrench x 1
  • Screwdriver x 1
  • Storage Organizer x 1
  • PE Grafting Tape x 2(Random colors)
  • Plant Labels x 30(5pcs each color)
  • Garden Clips x 6
  • Double Blade Garden Knife x 1

2 IN 1 Pruner

2 IN 1



2 IN 1

  • Pruner has 2 functions – grafting and pruning. Additional pruning shear is no longer needed when grafting.


  • Razor sharp grafting blades won’t crush softer scions and it will increase survival rate.


  • Made from #65 stainless steel shear blades,high-strength ABS plastic,Japan SK5 double-edged cutting blades

Clean Cut

Clean Cut

  • Razor sharp grafting blades won’t crush softer scions and it will increase survival rate.
  • Can quickly graft multiple fruit trees.

Blade Changing

Reusable Blades:

  • Each blade comes with 2 cutting edges. When a blade edge gets dull, use a screwdriver to loosen 4 screws and take the blade out. Turn the blade around and put it back in the blade holder for next use.

Garden Kinfe

Double Blades Garden/Grafting Knife

  • Sharp and durable stainless steel blade,Natural wood handle,let you enjoy different way of grafting.
  • Except grafting, it can also be used for mushroom harvesting, rope cutting and other garden purposes.

 Hawkbill Blade

Hawkbill Blade

Straight Blade

Straight Blade

  • Cut the scion to be grafted that are similar size to the host trunk.Cut both ends of the scion into a V shape.
  • Make a vertical cut about an inch long where you want to place the scion on the host trunk. (You can use a hammer or other objects to assist )
  • Fit the scion into the cut until the green areas of both are as well matched as possible. Bind with the tape.

Curved/Straight Blade

How Grafting Knife Works

  • Cut the scion to be grafted from the tree. Bevel cut to facilitate sliding into the host tree;
  • Choose a good location on the host tree. And find a place as far away as possible from any existing buds. If necessary, trim off all buds near the transplant site.
  • Cut a deep enough incision in the host tree trunk.
  • Carefully lift the bark with the knifes’ bark lifter and slide the scion into the cut. Then, bind with the tape to seal the grafting site, taking care not to disturb the scion.

Auxiliary Supplies





  • Grafting Tapes:Including 2 rolls of tapes in random colors.
  • Suitable for apple trees, citrus trees, peach trees, flat peach trees, persimmon trees and other fruits and flowers bud and grafting;


  • Color Plant Labels:It can be used to mark the type and time of grafting of fruit trees and seedlings to facilitate the observation of the grafting situation.


  • Clips:Great support for beans and plants with a small enough stem that you can fit the stake in the 1″ diameter hole.
  • Works well for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, and other vine crops, flowers and plants.

Additional information







Product Dimensions

‎8.5"L x 4"W

Blade Material

‎Stainless,High Carbon Steel,Steel

Handle Material

‎Plastic,Stainless Steel,Steel,Wood

Blade Type


Hand Orientation


Point Style

‎Round point

Cutting Width

‎2 Inches

Item Weight

‎1.83 pounds

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

January 26, 2021


‎PUELDU, ‎ZhuoYuShengShi Company