Tomerry Japanese Gardening Weeding Sickle Nejiri Kama Sharp Steel Blade and Wood Handle

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A masterpiece made by a real blacksmith factory. It has a sharp cutting which reduces your hard work. The shape of the sickle called “Nejiri Kama” (Nejiri=twisted Kama=sickle in English) is designed to place the blade facing the ground horizontally in order to cut glass.. As for cutting grass in the garden, it has been…


Product Description


Tomerry’s metal products are all made at factory where real blacksmiths are working at.

There are several steps for hardware to be produced. All craftsmen’s work with their each role and ownership at those steps creates a product that can be used with certain confident.

Tomerry’s product is made in Japanese popular metal production area, such as Tsubamesanjo, Miki, Ono and Seki, and the technologies and products have been taken over from skilled craftsmen to younger generation.




Sharp edge

This product is forged and heated by Japanese craftsmen and carefully manufactured one by one.

Therefore, it has a durability and sharpness that mass-produced products do not possess.


Steel made in Japan is very strong and can be re-sharpened and used.

Japanese Hard wood is used for the handle part, which is extremely lightweight with excellent durability.


The secret of a long blade life lies in the structure of the blade


The cutting edge has a 2-layer structure of steel and base iron.

During use, the soil and blade come into contact with each other, and the base iron part is worn down first and becomes a polished state, and the steel part remains, so the sharpness can be maintained for a long time.


You can handle this short-type sickle with one hand, or you can grab the grass with the other hand and mow it


A sickle that can be used for mowing and cutting grass. It cuts grass from the roots by using it like scraping the ground.

Because it is light, it is easy to handle with one hand and is suitable for long hours of work. Besides weeding work, it is also useful for harvesting vegetables.

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Weight 6.7 kg
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12.01 x 4.92 x 0.98 inches

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6.7 ounces